LK Dance Company: On Dancing to the Beat of their Ancestors

LK Dance Troupe from Native Province on Vimeo.

“Dance, in it’s basic form, is human emotion expressed through movement, and when done with intent and passion it has the capacity to reach into people’s soul and capture their imagination.”

The Lahing Kayumanggi Dance Company was founded in 1994, twenty three years ago members of the Philippine Centre, the Filipino Women’s Association UK (FWA-UK) along with a number of individuals joined together to form a dance group. Their aim, and it remains so today, was to promote Filipino cultural heritage through music, song and dance. Led by Creative Director Ronnie del Barrio, the company is passionate about ‘barangay’ (community) spirit, bonding through memories and the longing for the homeland, wanting to share a sense of ethnic pride and the desire to teach others about Filipino cultural roots.

On a sunny Sunday afternoon Native Province had the opportunity to experience the true meaning of the 'barangay' spirit and the tireless work and effort of del Barrio and the troupe at their rehearsals. Under the glow of the stained glass window of a community hall in Hampstead we watched the dancers as they whirled, swayed and skipped to the sound of their ancestors.